Saturday, December 17, 2011

words and pictures that don't really go together

(Somehow we lost the 5.)
It's already the 17th and all week I had posts in my head that I kept meaning to write but I kept being busied by other pressing issues like:
Sewing teacher gifts at 11:00 PM because for some reason I continue to torture myself by waiting until the last minute to do everything,
and baking cookies at 12:30 AM the morning of the preschool cookie exchange due to above mentioned self-torture.  (PS sometimes I wonder why I can't just be the mom that buys the cookies for the parties instead of choosing some intricate recipe from a baking magazine that involves rolling ten little dough balls for each cookie.)  (PPS I was in such a frenzy I failed to even take pictures of the pain in the butt cookies!)

So here are some bits and pieces of posts that ended up on the cutting room floor:
 Porter was chosen as Student of the Month.  Love him.
We're delivering reindeer beer to our neighbors this weekend.
Gus had diarrhea three times on Thursday and one time on Friday.  All episodes involved poop coming out the top of the diaper and one involved poop on the carpet.  
Loose tooth #3 is no longer.
Brooklyn may have been the loudest singer in her Christmas program.  I don't know why, but I just have this dream of her being a Lady Gaga someday. 
Porter's basketball team went undefeated.
(They don't really keep score-but I do.)
And boom goes the dynamite!
I've been consuming an insane amount of this.
My kids' precious thumbprints are forever on Christmas ornaments.

There's no school for 2 WEEKS!  Woo Hoo!!

2 witty remarks:

Kat said...

Look at that defense! Yeah, Porter! And Lady Gaga? Seriously? You couldn't pick someone half normal??

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Love the ornaments! I was up late a few nights last week working on school stuff too...major procrastination going on here too! Those teacher bags are adorable! And so are you kiddos:)