Thursday, December 22, 2011

teacher gifts {they didn't just get some empty bags}

Our favorite teachers got some goodies in their personalized bags:

(I had the kids write their teachers' names in pen and then I stitched over them with embroidery thread.) 
I saved a few baby formula containers and covered them with brown paper and ribbon.
Inside I put some Santa hat party mix.  
I used this recipe.
They got some wintery snowman gum.

I also stuck in some reindeer noses, but forgot to take a picture.  
(Instead of a gumball I put in a red pretzel M&M-they are SO good!)

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!
The Gus Man and I before Daddy's Christmas party.

3 witty remarks:

Denissa said...

What great bags!! Such cute ideas :) love the pic of you & your lil man!

Mrs. Cockrell said...

I LOVE GUS! i have a sweet spot for him since my own little guy is so close in age to him, i think. :)

so glad you had a great Christmas!

also, your kids can be in my class anytime if i can get cool gifts like those! ;)

Mrs. Cockrell said...

darn--did it again--this is Gayla, logged into my teaching blog--sorry! LOL