Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I really...

want to watch American Horror Story from the beginning

need a Pampered Chef citrus peeler

am getting back on the WW wagon (WWW?) in January

should have washed my hair this morning

love it when my husband calls me at work

can't wait for Christmas

forgot how old I was today

kind of have a crush on this guy

4 witty remarks:

Karri said...

Oh! Me too! I want to see the first episodes of American Horror Story! I started DVRing it and havent started watching it yet b/c I dont know if I should wait and see if they'll air the first few?

Alicia said...

Love the dancing guy. He was on our local Nashville news this week since he lives here and that was filmed in 2 local malls. Love the pure joy of just dancing!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Any girl is helpless to resist that Christmas sweater.

Merry Christmas!!

Mrs. Cockrell said...

forgot to comment, but i LOVE this video! shared on Facebook so others can love it too! i'm sure to be getting thank you notes in the mail any day now. :D