Monday, November 14, 2011

surviving 32 and other weekend stuff

So 32 came, and it wasn't nearly as painful as I had imagined.  

I really, really wasn't in a celebratory mood: my second visit since Gus' birth from my favorite "aunt" was in full flow-ha! and I'm really trying not to eat cake or anything else besides Lean Cuisines (until Thanksgiving).  Well anyway, my mom made us dinner and it was wonderful.
This is the picture she put on her FB page documenting my arrival 32 years ago.

I did get a little spoiled too!  My kiddos each picked out some cute, cozy socks for me.  (I think Gus had some help from Brooklyn picking the ones from him.)  My sweet husband, that has been listening to me complain about my neckache for the last few months, bought me a massage (and vacuum bags), and I got enough cash from other family members to guiltlessly take care of these long overdue roots!
I told Brooklyn she had to make me breakfast for my birthday, but she said the only thing I like to have for breakfast is coffee, and she didn't know how to make that.  Hmm, alright.   
On Friday I enjoyed a sparkly  pedicure and drank a free pumpkin pie latte (because I told the nice little college boy that it was my birthday).
THEN to top it all off, the BEST part of my day was when my mom came over and spent hours organizing and cleaning my laundry room/craft supply storage area/dump!  Seriously, it's a functioning laundry room now!  I can open the dryer door all of the way without it crashing into something!  I've got big plans for Nate to build a floor to ceiling shelving unit and all of my crafting crap will be neatly put away in cute little baskets.  I'm totally excited!

In other news:

I'm getting so impatient waiting for C.Jane's baby to get here.  Is it going to be a boy?  Is it going to be a girl?  What's its name? 
Mariah Carey has inspired me to legitimately do something about this post-preggo body.  I mean, seriously, the woman had twins only 6 months ago and she was large and in charge.  And really, how long can I say, "I just had a baby" ???

A police officer came to my door this morning to let me know that thieves are on the prowl in our town stealing the tires from PT Cruisers.  Um, weird.
The Gus man is for real crawling up on all fours!  This is amazing news in our household because the other Barnes Yard children did not reach this milestone until 10 and 12 months.  So obviously Gus is a genius.

I really, really love my new laptop because I can blog in bed and it doubles as the best foot warmer ever.
My next book club get together is in one week and I haven't started the book yet.  

I have gone to WalMart three times now to pick up some picture CDs and for various reasons, each time I haven't been able to get them.  And I just can't bring myself to clear my camera card until I have those CDs in hand!  (I figure it there ever is a fire in my home, I'll just grab my little album of picture CDs and then I won't have to worry about trying to lug out all of the photo albums.  I like to have a plan for situations that hopefully will never, but could, occur.)

That's all!

4 witty remarks:

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday!!
I back up all my pics on an external hard drive. Thanks for the reminder that I have not done this AT ALL this year. Sheesh.. I hope my house isn't burning down when I get there tonight!! {knock on wood}

Erin C. said...

Have you not read the Stephanie Plum books??!! Start right now, they're so great!!

colby, meredith, caden, & carter said...

My brother bought me a fire safe/water proof box for my photo cd's and I love knowing that all of our photos are safe (unless someone took the box. .. ).

colby, meredith, caden, & carter said...

I also switched over to a hard drive. . .guess I should put that in the box, too.

Have you heard from Danielle? I just started back to work yesterday and miss her as my aide desperately!