Wednesday, November 30, 2011

partial decorations & letters to the man in red

Christmas is slowly seeping into our house!
I've had Patty Loveless holiday Pandora on nonstop, and the smell of Silver Bells Scentsy fills my living room (my new favorite scent!)
Brooklyn and I started getting out the decorations yesterday while the big boy was at school and the baby boy was asleep.   

(My neighbor was doing some pruning and left these on my front step.)
Am I the only one that has to endure hearing,
"Can I have that for Christmas?" five bazillion times a day???
The annual letters to Santa:
I told Brooklyn she could just draw pictures of what she wanted to ask Santa for.
In case it isn't totally obvious, these are drawings of a Strawberry Shortcake movie, A light-up Rapunzel doll, and a stuffed animal dolphin.
Isn't first grade writing the best?

I'm hitting up the Dollar Tree for more bulbs and bells today, and the tree goes up on Saturday!
Happy decorating!

4 witty remarks:

Tiffany said...

okay, first of all, that coke crate filled with balls is about the coolest christmas decoration i have seen for awhile. also, the red bird cage is perfect, your neighbor must be awesome and you know i love the ho, ho, ho on your scrabble holder! : )

and one more thing...santa letters are the best! so cute!

okay, one more...we are slowly getting stuff out this week too and getting our tree on saturday! so exciting!

colby, meredith, caden, & carter said...

I also love the crate of ornaments.

Denissa said...

Nope you're not the only one to hear ALL day what they want..ha ha. My husband told one of my boys today "You haven't asked what I've wanted.." Made him think..too funny!
LOVE the ornaments in the Coke crate..I have a Pepsi one, think I'll have to copy :)
Your RD post cracked me up!! Loved the onesie, SO cute!!

Jamielyn@Iheartnaptime said...

love all your decorations! so fun! what a cute family!