Monday, August 22, 2011

week in review

It was in the 90's this weekend!
Whoaaaaaa....too hot for big mama!!
I kept it a crisp 70 degrees in the house, because it's my house and I can do whatever I want...(while Nate's at work).
I did my witch's cackle when Brooklyn said, "Mommy, I'm too cold!"
Here are some of last week's high points:
Posing baby in Pinterest copying ways
(Don't you just want to do a raspberry on that white belly???)
 Kickin' it at soccer camp
 Strolling through the Enchanted Forest
 Being swallowed by a witch!
 Balancing in the Crooked House
Trying food!
 And marking off another box on the summer to-do list by sleeping in the backyard

Two weeks until school starts!!!

3 witty remarks:

colby, meredith, and caden said...

LOVE the first two photos, Jill! I'll have to check out this Pinterest everyone keeps talking about.

Heather L. said...

Your kids are simply PRECIOUS!!! Love all the pictures!

Denissa said...

How cute! LOVE the chalk pictures :)