Monday, July 18, 2011

four months old

4 month stats:
*plays with his feet and puts them in his mouth
*grabs rattles and other toys
*rolls from front to back and back to front
*pushes up on hands and lifts head
*will stick tongue out and kick feet on Grandpa's command!
*Has gone through 812 diapers (yes, I'm keeping track!)
*sleeps from 9:30 PM-7:00 AM and still takes lots of naps during the day (Yipee!)
*has a wonky ear that is always folding forward
*Is going bald and starting to look more like Porter.
How did this happen?!

3 witty remarks:

The Cervantez Family said...

such a handsome little man!!

Jessica said...

Oh, he's adorable!

Denissa said...

He is changing so much! He is adorable, love the pictures from his dedication too..what a special day! :)