Monday, May 30, 2011


No way, I'm not going to fall for it!
He cannot be six yet!
He was just born a few weeks ago!
Okay, it's true. 
My shaggy haired, sweet smiling, almost shortest kid in his class really is six years old.
He chose an OSU themed birthday party at the bowling alley for his little crowd of friends.
How lucky was I to receive this gift at only 25 years old?
Store bought cupcakes with my toppers.  (The bowling alley does not allow homemade cakes/cupcakes.)  This was my first experience with my friend's Cricut and I'm pretty convinced I need one just for birthday parties alone!
He bowled a 101!
Baby Gus ready to party.  (No I did not take him out with bare feet. I hate it when people do that!)  He wore cute little beaver booties.
They got to bowl on their own lane without the boys.
Beaver fans
Kindergarten buddies
Happy Birthday Porter!
His 6 year old wish.
 Goody bag contents
His actual birthday fell on a school day so he celebrated with popsicles for his class.
The Cake Boss makes it look so easy!
(This is exactly why I have DeAnn make my cakes!)
The football/giant turd cake!
The family party spread.
Yes, we brought in store bought cupcakes since the cake was a bit of a fail.  The little footballs are actually Easter eggs (clearance) filled with Reese's Pieces.

He loves Orange and Black!
We love you, big boy!

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

aw, he's adorable! sawyer will be 6 this summer, and he is also one of the shortest in his class... but he is so sweet so the teachers love him. so it's a good thing! :) porter and sawyer are going to be good boys with hearts ten billion times bigger than their cute little bodies!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Happy Birthday to your big guy! My oldest just turned 7 and it is hard to believe he is that old:) Yay for you for making the cake...I always buy a store bought cake because I know my cakes never turn out right! I love the cupcake toppers too:)

Kat said...

How special you made this for him! I love all the creativity. Looks like he loved every minute of it! We love orange and black too:) (Flyers colors)