Monday, March 14, 2011



Today Blanche and I went on a Mommy/Youngest child date.  
We went out to lunch and then had ice cream cones.  She always chooses chocolate, but today she wanted vanilla "just like Mommy". 
For four years she's been my youngest child.
In a matter of days, she's going to forever be the middle child.  
I feel kind of bad about that.  
But today she is still my youngest.  
Because this stubborn little August man refuses to be born on my schedule. 

Blanche is at the exact age where she notices differences in people and needs to say it aloud.  
For instance during our lunch date she had these observations:

"Mommy, that man is really fat."

"Mommy, look, that man and girl are really old with glasses."

"Look, Mommy, that man is really small."

Luckily she says these things relatively quiet, but if I ignore her, she will say it louder.  
We had a nice long discussion about how God made everyone in different shapes and sizes and we can notice them without having to say it out loud. 

"But Mommy, he was really small."

"I know, honey, and he knows he is small too so we don't need to tell him."

"You mean we can just think it in our heart and not say it?"


"Mommy, why do you love me so much?"

"Because you're my very best baby girl."

"I know."

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Denissa said...

I love what she said to innocent :) Darn I thought for sure there was going to be a delivery notice! haha :)

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

She is SO pretty.
Just like her mommy, obviously. :)

Missy... said...


Jane Anne said...

So sweet, Jill. What precious time together!

Jami said...

That's so sweet. Once the baby arrives and life settles down, you'll have to take her on those dates more often. I try to do something alone with my girl once a week. We call it "Girl's Club". It's a nice break from the testosterone around here. :)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Oh My Goodness, that is the sweetest ever! {the last part.. ha!}