Tuesday, February 1, 2011

and last night had such potential too

10:00 PM: Laundry done, dishes done, toys picked up, school clothes set out for tomorrow, cup of tea, Bed time!
10:30 PM:  I feel baby hiccups for the first time...for a long time.  Fall asleep.
11:30 PM: Husband wakes me up to ask if he should paint the living room on Sunday.  Say yes, fall back asleep.
12:30: Wake up because my arm is asleep.  Shake it around, fall back asleep.
3:00 AM: Dog wakes me up to go outside...after he already dribbled on the kitchen floor.  Then he wants water.  Clean floor, wait for dog to come back in, fill water bowl, go back to bed, fall asleep.   
3:45 AM: Kid #1 wakes me up to tell me he had a dream that a crocodile bit his friend.  Help kid climb in bed with me, fall asleep with kid on my legs.
4:30 AM: Kid #1 wakes me up to tell me he peed (on me).  Change bedding and PJ's, put kid back to sleep on the floor beside my bed because he's still scared about the crocodile, try to go back to sleep.
5:00 AM:  Kid #2 wakes me up to tell me she's scared.  Help her climb into my bed, fall asleep once again. 
6:10 AM:  Alarm goes off. 

5 witty remarks:

colby, meredith, and caden said...

11:30, 3:45, and 4:30 made me lol. I hope you get to take a nap today!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Nothing like having someone else pee on you to ruin a night:) I hope you get a good night's sleep tonght...with no pee involved!

Kat said...

Oh my word! Eventful night! Is a nap a possibility today?

mama's smitten said...

Ahh the joys..... hope your able to get a better nights rest tonight!

Denissa said...

You poor thing!! I hate those kind of nights..But I loved feeling baby hiccups :)
Hope you got a nap!