Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday night quick project

True story: 
When I was out in the garage spray painting, Nate was out there doing some spraying painting of his own and said to me, "Did you ever think when we were 30 that this would be our Friday night?"
(Hey, sounds like a hot date to me!)
From the beginning, I've never liked this thing.  
So I did a quick change.

I do like this much better.
Saturday morning.
I guess I need to use some Liquid Nails for the knobs!

3 witty remarks:

Denissa said...

I love it! I have 3 diff. pictures in my garage that I'm trying to decide which one to make into a jewelry hanger :) Love the idea of the knobs for the necklaces!

Rambling Girl said...

Great project! I have quite a few frames in my barn so I guess I need to use them for something than collecting dust. Thanks for sharing!

sharon said...

That is so great. Is it too late to say "I'll trade you a mirror for a jewelry hanger?" Just kidding. The mirror has your name on it. But, I really have to make one of these jewelry hangers for my 11 year old who got her ears pierced this summer and loves dangly earrings. I will search deep for some craftiness in me. And, I'll keep these pictures open to show me what to do. Although, I do not know what liquid nails are (is?).