Thursday, November 11, 2010

31 things I'm 31! 
I'm no longer just 30, I'm actually in my 30's!
Remember my wild and crazy 80's party last year?  Yeah, well this year we're going much more low key!  Ha!  This old preggo lady can't handle it!

Okay so here are 31 random things you didn't know:

1.  I've got a little Gus in my belly!  (I know you already knew that!)
2.  I never wear socks and my feet are always cold.
3.  I'm so excited about the board and batten going up in my hall.
4.  I don't like chocolate cake. 
5.  I'm already having panic attacks over delivering this baby.
6.  I had to settle for Ruffles original chips today instead of my Salt & Vinegar Kettle chips. 
7.  My doctor wouldn't take two pounds off of my weight yesterday even though I assured her that I was carrying two pounds of water in my bladder. 
8.  She also wasn't really on board with my idea of having a C-Section this time around.
9.  After searching 5 million websites for the perfect diaper bag, I've decided I'll just have to make my own ask my grandma to make one for me.
10.  I'm obsessed with brushing my tongue after I saw a patient with black hairy tongue.  Ew.Ew.
11.  I gag and almost throw up every time I brush my tongue.
12.  I've turned Porter OCD with brushing his teeth. 
13.  Brooklyn thought I was going to the doctor to have the baby yesterday and was very disappointed when I arrived home with no baby.
14.  Jennifer Grey better win DWTS.
15.  I'm already thinking about what the new baby can be for Halloween next year.
16.  I could really use a massage. 
17.  I love cleaning the wax from my kids' ears.
18.  I can type really fast (I've been transcribing for nine years). 
19.  Titanic was the only movie I've ever watched in the theater twice. 
20.  When I was 10 I convinced my mom to order a video from an infomercial called "Turn on the human calculator in your head".  It was supposed to teach you to keep a running total of the items in your shopping cart (in your head)...and I never learned to do it. 
21.  When I turned 21 my friends and I went out to a really tacky bar and Nate waited for us in the car for like three hours.  (He was only 20.)
22.  I got engaged at 22.
23.  I got married at 23.  (I would never let my daughter get married that young!)
24.  Brooklyn and I have brown eyes and Nate and Porter have blue eyes, so I wonder what color Gus will have.
25.  I got married barefoot because the seamstress shortened my dress too much.
26.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and my favorite thing to eat is gravy covered turkey skin.  I can't wait pork out this year!
27.  I went to community college for three years.
28.  I didn't even get an Associates Degree.
29.  It's been four years since I've had a cell phone and I don't miss it one bit.
30.  I write right handed and eat left handed.
31.  My favorite New Kid on the Block was (is?) Joey.  

9 witty remarks:

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on having a boy!!!!!

Rob, Tami, Luca, and Gia Bellenghi said...

Happy Birthday Jill! Is Gus the baby's name? If so I love it... Always wanted a boy named Augustus and call him gus...didn't happen but seriously adore the name.

The Beavers said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is great!

Anonymous said...

#9.... Me too! Hours & hours of searching, finally narrowed it down to 3 that I couldn't choose between because none of them were "perfect" finally just chose the one with the longest strap (thinking of my husband cause I'm so sweet & considerate like that). But when it arrived in the mail I LOVED it so it all worked out =)


Anonymous said...

Whoa that's a lot to digest. It must have been a busy day at the office!!! Did you get my message??

The pregnant runner!!!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

1. Happy Birthday!!!
2. Congrats on another BOY!!!
3. I like your purple outfit in the picture below this post.
4. I liked this post.
5. I like cleaning wax out too... aren't we gross??
6. I got married when I was 20. I, also, will/would never let my daughter marry that young!!


Denissa said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you had a great day :)

Jami said...

Oh my gosh. Happy Birthday! I can't believe I missed it. I hope you had a great day. :)

Kristen Ann said...

Wayyyyy Belated Happy Birthday! :) Oh and I literally try and clean Jackson and Casons ear wax with my pinky nail every day. I'm obsessed. And also still in love with Joey. :) We must get together when I move up there next month.