Thursday, October 21, 2010


1.  No more Pull-Ups in this house!  Yay!  Just in time to start all over with newborn diapers!

2.  Moving up to a "B" in the bra world!  Woo-hoo, the joys of pregnancy!

3.  My wonderful husband setting up a carpet cleaning all on his own.  Now I guess I have to be nice to him!

4.  When my wonderful husband also starts on the living room painting and molding that he's been promising me! (I'm not complaining!)

5.  Little kiddos in warm footed jammies.

6.  Feeling this little baby bouncing around in my tummy!

4 witty remarks:

Denissa said...

Yay for a bouncing baby!! I miss that :( you look adorable btw...

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Oh, aren't footed pajamas the best??!

The Cervantez Family said...

How about a husband in those footed pj's!!!

Leah said...

Your pregnant?!!! I am so excited for you!!!