Monday, October 4, 2010

interview with a (almost) 4 year old

Mommy: "How old will you be on Saturday?"
Blanche: "Four!"
Mommy: "Are you excited to be four?"
Blanche: "Mmm-Hmm."
Mommy: "What do you think you'll do once you're four?"
Blanche: "Cry.  Whine.  Eat Oreos."
Mommy: "Tell me about your party."
Blanche: "A bumble bee party, eat cake on bumble bee plates and have napkins and cups with Abigail and Addison and Jacie and Grandma and Daddy and Porter and Marcia, eat cake and play, have drinks but they can spill so they have to drink when they're walking."
Mommy: "What would you like for a present?"
Blanche: "Princess stuff, a Belle with a pink dress, a bunny rabbit zhu-zhu pet like Jacie has, a beautiful horse for Cinderella and a carriage."
Mommy: "How are you going to feel when you're four?"
Blanche: "It already feels like I'm four."
"And I just don't know anything else. "

5 witty remarks:

Kerry McKibbins said...

Ok, this is just about the cutest thing ever!!
Happy Birthday Blanche!!!

Jami said...

Four sounds so familiar. Cry, whine, eat Oreos. What else is there? LOL

Denissa said...

She is too funny! So cute, love the part about the Oreo's :)

MiMi said...

Her birthday list sounds like MY birthday list. Weird.

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

i cried, whined and ate oreos last week. not in that particular order. happy birthday to the little bumble bee :)