Thursday, August 26, 2010


My biggest dang pet peeve every year!
It's hard enough choosing what my children will dress as each Halloween without having these pop up with every search. 
Come on!

Do they have to ruin every childhood character?
They don't even look that much different from each other. 
I can just picture a bunch of girls at a sorority Halloween party wearing practically the same costume just in different colors. 
So unoriginal.

Yes, I'm just fat & grumpy, but I take my kids' Halloween costumes very seriously. 

6 witty remarks:

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Youre too cute:)

Aubrey said...

I reluctantly went to a Halloween celebration where a bunch of those sorority girls were and they DID look all the same. It was a so goofy and I vowed to never go to that type of party again!

Anonymous said...

After you get your kids costumes lined up can you please start work on Sydneys...... Hope you have fun at the zoo!

Jami said...

I totally agree. And anyone who would dress like that on Halloween would freeze to death in Illinois.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Ugh, I couldn't agree more.. I can't stand tramptastic chicks on Halloween. It's so annoying!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. That is, I'm going to be Minnie Mouse if Mickey up and left her with 3 kids, no alimony and she had to start turnin' tricks for a living.