Tuesday, July 6, 2010


1.  There's no denying it anymore, I officially have fat arm zits.  Ironically, I remember making fun of fat arm zit girls in high school.  What goes around comes around.  It's true. 

2.  Whenever I see pictures in US weekly of celebrities grocery shopping, I'm obsessed with trying to see what exactly is in their carts.  

3.  Today I discovered what a bathroom looks like that hasn't been cleaned in TWO YEARS!  Oh the lovely benefits of being a landlord.  

4.  A pink sponge can be a really fun toy for a 3 year old little girl.

5.  My son has the ability to change certain words in songs to "fart" and it really makes for a catchy little tune. 

4 witty remarks:

Sweet November said...

I do the exact same thing when I see celebrities leaving stores.. I feel like I'm jealous and I don't even know what they bought!

momof3girls said...

Girl you are too funny!!! I admit it to- I always check out what is in their cart and think "yep mom was right, everyone puts on their pants one leg at a time" there are only so many brands of tampons at there I have discovered and we all have to choose between them!

I love your blog you are always so witty and honest!!! Thanks for sharing!

momof3girls said...

I meant "out" there (in regards to the tampon brands

CRAZYMOM said...

Fat are zits? WTH??? You are making me paranoid! I have no idea what this is, but I probably have it. Great. Now one more thing to worry about. LOL