Friday, June 25, 2010

the weekend is so close I can taste it

This week dang near killed me. 
I had to work (at my part time job)
AND I have to go in Monday too!

* My kids have started calling me Grandma.

* My oven hasn't been turned on in five days.

* My dog tries to bite me when I have to lock him up for the day.

* I almost missed Porter's T-ball pictures last night and when we got home,

* I realized we were out of coffee. 

Once I clock out tonight I am headed to a relaxing evening with some friends and my own personal bottle of wine. 

They have a goat so the kids will be entertained for hours. 

I've got Nate whipping up some fabulous appetizers:
bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos (his specialty)
sliced baguettes topped with melted cream cheese, feta, and diced roasted red peppers.
My stomach seriously just growled right now. 
I'm saving up all my points for tonight.
Yep, I'm on WW again.
This time for real.  (quit laughing)
I will be wearing a tank top by August 31st and I may keep wearing one all winter as well.  (It has been three years!)

PS remember how you wanted a post on our 15 months of unemployment?  It will be here next week. 

PPS Don't call my kids for any play dates tomorrow, I'm going to be hogging them all to myself all day!

2 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

Is it weird that I had a dream about Nate the other day? I think it was weird. It wasn't a creepy dream, don't worry. :)

Denissa said...

Hope you have a great weekend!! Those baguettes sound delsih! I've been checking in to WW, is it pretty easy? I need to do something..