Tuesday, June 29, 2010

little known facts

I bite my fingernails in the car.  I do it while I'm driving and hope that nobody will see me.  If somebody sees me, I get really embarrassed and pretend like I was scratching my face or something.

If Blanche gets embarrassed she says that she's "barrassed".

My sister is the one who named her Brooklyn Blanche.  I wanted Lola Belle.  My sister and Nate beat me out 2-1

My sister's baby is named Libby June.  Now that I know, I'm buying tons of monogrammed stuff on Etsy.  I'm also making her a million bows.

When I was a kid I would stand in front of a mirror and redo my banana clip over and over again because I could never get it to feel just right.  I would do it for so long that my arms would get really sore and then I would make my mom do it over and over for me.  If she couldn't get it right I would nearly cry. 

I can read Porter's mind.

The 4th of July & Easter are my favorite holidays because that's when my family pulls out our best recipes.

When I was in 5th grade I won my school's spelling bee.  My teacher told me I was just smart enough to be dangerous. 

I've never mowed a lawn because I have no idea how to start a lawn mower.

My kids eat their breakfast in front of the TV.

I'm cuter in pictures than I am in real life.

6 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

Shut up.
You are not cuter in pics then in real life. You're cute in both. :)
Is that you up there hanging out of that bounce house?

A very blessed lady! said...

So glad I now these things now, makes me feel more sane LOL! I have never mowed a lawn either for that exact same reason, but I am jealous that my hubs gets 2 hours all to himself on it...I might be learning sonn. Thanks for sharing, love it!

Jane Anne said...

Oh, I love Libby June!!
I'm jealous about the family get together on the 4th.
Now that I think of it, maybe I'm jealous about the lawn mowing, too.

Kim said...

Love it! Your so funny.....really enjoy reading your blog!

rebecca jordan said...

this is my first time here and i love it! your "about me" section on the side cracks me up. way to be a cute and funny mom! :)

Denissa said...

The banana clip KILLED me!! :) You are so funny..what a great idea for a post, maybe I can borrow it? :)