Wednesday, May 19, 2010

should I get bangs?

You didn't know I had blue eyes did you? 

Or is the huge, wrinkly forehead a better look for me?
I kind of think if I got bangs I would look a lot like Blanche.
Kelle Hampton really really makes me want to have bangs. 
Do you love her too?
I'm borderline obsessed a big fan of her blog and bangs.
And her teeth. 
I totally notice people's teeth.
These are my favorite celebrity teeth.
Sometimes when I talk to people, I stare at their teeth the whole time.
I can't help it.
Speaking of LOST...why does it have to end?
I've devoted six years of my life to this show and now I feel like it's breaking up with me.
So anyway, I'm having a LOST finale party, but since it's on a Sunday night (what's with that?) the guest list is dwindling.  It might end up being just me and Kasey (who doesn't even watch the show but wants to eat my Lost inspired snacks). 
Okay, I don't want to count my chicks before they've hatched, but there might be a very special person in attendance.  You may have heard of her.  She hasn't officially RSVP'd on FB but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 
In other news, Blanche just won the title of Rodeo Queen of the Barnes Yard.
She's in full costume daily.
Yesterday was "wacky tacky" day at preschool so I let her wear whatever she wanted.  It was basically this outfit but I made her put leggings and a shirt under it.  When I told her she looked very wacky tacky, she said, "No I don't, I look pretty."
We've had some sporadic gorgeous weather here so lunch has been being served outside. 
(This is the picnic table that I salvaged from Nate's grandma's house and finally painted.)

if you're a hard core Lostie, stop by on Sunday night for a Dharma beer and some mangoes!
The following weekend is going to be a "turtle-y awesome party".  I'll be updating you on the preparations. 
Blanche's party dress came in the mail:
Love it!
Should I get bangs?  Talk to me.

9 witty remarks:

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i think you could definitely pull off the longer side swept bangs. as for the ones you are digging, i don't know. it's hard to picture. i say go for it! the worst that could happen is you have to let them grow fro a couple weeks to start the side sweep thing which you know would look good. of course, i am a big grow then dramatically chop my hair because i love hair drama- so fun!

The Vinyards said...

Do it! It's only hair, it will grow back if you don't like it!

Denissa said...

I say DO IT!! I have the side swept ones and I was just thinking that I may need more to cover more of my HUGE wrinkly forehead..since Botox is not in my budget ;)
The snacks for Porter's b-day were adorable!! Know what you mean about them starting Kinder. It is so hard :( on you that is... When my oldest started I was a 7mth prego hormonal MESS!!

Denissa said...

Oh forgot to mention that I have a teeth obsession too :) That is the FIRST thing that I notice about someone..and continue to stare at them when they talk ;)

mama's smitten said...

Yes Do it!!! I did it and love them!

Tracy said...

Jill, my opinion (for what it's worth) is that you are too darn cute for all those bangs that Kelle is sporting. Maybe something 'whispier'? And your favorite celebrity teeth? Maybe you should look in a mirror ... you have perfect teeth and a beautiful smile.

The Downs family said...

i say no bangs! i think they are a lot of work, plus your forehead is beautiful! However, never hurts to try...if you hate them, they grow back! Sooo random thought... Blanchie reminds me of Brett Michaels in her rodeo get up! Haha! Crown/jewels n everything! Huge diss for him b/c he looks like a beautiful girl!!! ;-)

CRAZYMOM said...

I got bangs and I love them. My husband says I look like Tonya Harding. great.

I am also a tooth stare-er. I wonder if they know I am doing it. I can't help it.


CRAZYMOM said...

oh. and. I love that dress!