Monday, May 17, 2010


(Photo by Samantha Miller)

Future Soccer World Take Notice, A big event occurred today.
One small boy from Oregon made his mark on the field of play.
Known to all who love and admire him as their son, their brother or their best friend
And affectionately called by his Grandparents as “Mr. P” or “Soccer’s Next Heir Apparent”
To all who love this sport and enjoy its ebbs and flows,
Beware of Mr. P’s development as he attacks the goal.
Today’s game was just another, full of sport and fun,
But today I had the greatest pleasure while watching my Grandson.
He’s improving by leaps and bounds in his chosen sport
And someday soon he’ll have no equal, is Grandpa’s proud report.
As the team warmed up today, there was something in the air.
Today’s the day the game would change, Thank God that I was there!
The first half was over, and the score it was all tied.
The team was huddled by their worried coach’s side.
Still relaxed and unruffled even with all the mistakes that were made
They sat there with quiet confidence, while sipping on their Gatorade.
Refreshed and now focused and with energy now renewed,
They broke the huddle and returned to the field to continue their friendly feud.
Porter strode to his position with his confidence and skill,
Knowing someday his day would come and he would score at will.
There in the pack he battled and fought with boys almost twice his size.
But then the pack broke, an opening appeared. You should have seen his eyes!
He left the pack with a burst of speed never before seen,
Today he would fulfill his quest, a long two year dream.
With his eyes wide open, and legs of pure steel,
He charged the ball and as he raced uphill.
He beat the pack and now had the shot,
The cameras clicked, not knowing what was caught.
Fate was kind, this day will be remembered and never forgot
A teammates Mother photographed this moment, of the now quite famous shot.
And thanks to that photo his Grandpa will boast and proudly say,
“I was there, and I saw it!!” T’was on the Ides of May!!!!!!!!
-H.Barnes III (AKA Papa Hod)

4 witty remarks:

samantha said...

What a great picture =) Nice job Porkchop!!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Way to go Porter and nice write up Jill!!

Jane Anne said...

Congrats to Porter! My, what a fantastic tribute by Papa Hod! AND, fantastic a picture! Wonderful post all the way around.

colby, meredith, and caden said...

So cute!