Friday, April 30, 2010

the final edition of Make New Friends Friday

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...And I've got nothin'!  (except a cute button)
You guys, I'm such a slacker!
This week has been beating me up and I can't seem to catch my breath. 
It all started with me getting sick and then the kiddos soon followed.  (By the way, for some reason my kids think it's hilarious to cough in my face.)  I think the hubby is trying to resist the sickness, but I heard him coughing up some serious phlegm this morning. 
Anyway, I didn't come up with a feature post this week so I'm counting on you to save me from Jami's wrath.  Just kidding, she is like the super friendliest girl ever!  I don't want her to find out about my slacking tendencies though.  I want her to think I'm the mommy blogger that has it all together.  (psshhh!) 
So link up for our last installment and introduce us to some new bloggy pals. 
(I need some new inspiration.  Sometimes I feel like I fall out of the blog loop and I need to get excited again.)


1.Write a blog post about a blog you want to shout about.
2.Include a link in that post, please.
3.Be sure to add our Button to your post.
4.Come back to either Aint She Crazy or Barnes Yard and add your link. You will only need to add it to ONE of the sites.

Thanks Jami for including me in your fun April linky party!

Today is the last day to enter for the Sweet Surprise Soap giveaway!
I'm announcing the winner on Monday.

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Kelsey said...

Hey Jill! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and commenting on my turquoise dresser...its great to meet you and your blog is adorable! Oh and so cool that your a fellow Oregonian!! Oregon rocks!