Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I said I wasn't going to but then I did & other stuff

Two little Valentine touches snuck (sneaked?) into my home.

Every time I declare that today is the day I'm starting my diet, Nate makes cookies and saves a bowl of the dough without chocolate chips for me. 

I need to start running or something, but when I think about it I get all sweaty and I don't like that feeling.

There is a laundry basket sitting in my living room that is full of socks that need matching. 
I just found out that other people only throw matching socks into the washer so that they are both clean at the same time. 


Yesterday I wanted Porter to take a nap with me so I let him lay in my bed and eat Golden Grahams (straight out of the box) until he fell asleep. 

Last night Blanche started belting out "He's still workin' on me..." and it made me smile really big.

My Step-Dad was born on February 29th so he doesn't get a birthday this year.  I think he's only had 15 birthdays. 

Nate told Porter that if he drinks pop he'll turn into a wimp. 
Now Porter thinks I'm a huge wimp.

I really am starting Weight Watchers today.

10 witty remarks:

samantha said...

Your GREAT!!

Laura said...

I LOVE the scrabble letters, cute, simple idea. And tell your step-dad happy bday from a fellow leap day girl. I'll be 7 and 1/2 this year :)

CRAZYMOM said...

Come over and play Wii fit with me it's so much more fun than running.

Laurie said...

It was so great meeting you...especially since I stalk your blog! :)

Kristen Ann said...

Are you my identical twin seperated at birth? hm??....

MiMi said...

What a great post! You should link up for Random thoughts Tuesday at theunmom.com :)

Jane Anne said...

This was such a fun read, Jill. You are a wimp, huh? That's funny and cute. Love your use of scrabble pieces!

Traci said...

Totally stealing your scrabble idea! And I think I'm going to start using Nate's line on Jack!

LuckyStarErin said...

Your blog header is AMAZING! I am glad I found you!

jenn said...

Oh! I love scrabble tile crafty things! I do that same craft for Teachers gifts! ;) hm... since I home school one - I should make one for me too, huh?! too cute... I might have to make one for Mr.Hubby too!