Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The world according to Blanche, because the world revolves around her.

Oh, she decided she is just Blanche now. 
(kind of like Madonna)
Next year she will be starting a new preschool and I decided we needed to make the decision now on what she will go by so that it can continue throughout her school years. 
I like to plan ahead.
We've always called her Blanche or Blanchie, actually she goes by a variety of monikers. 
She is such a Blanche though. 
If I could go back I would birth my babies again and name them their middle names. 
Okay, I would only do it if someone could promise me that the part where my epidural moved, or fell out, or whatever the heck happened and I went from a 0 to 10 on the pain scale would get omitted. 
Anyway I think Blanche and Charlie are much more fitting for my kids, but what's done is done. 
It would feel strange to actually go and have their names legally changed. 
So I sat Brooklyn/Blanche down and asked her what she would like her teachers to call her next year at her new school. 
I love talking to her because she really is just like a grown-up stuck in that teeny tiny body, which is the exact opposite of the original Blanche who is now like a child trapped in a very old body. 
She chose Blanche without any coaxing. 
These are some of her views of the world that I've taken note of recently. 
1.  No outfit is complete without a crown, a bikini top, two necklaces and one bracelet, and a backpack.
2.  Girls smell good and Daddies and boys stink. 
3.  Tom & Jerry is the funniest show around.
4.  Hair should never be brushed because it is much too painful. 
I'm going to have to agree with her on some of these.

5 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I tried to get you to name her Blanche!!!!

jennifer said...

oh so funny!

we call avery by her middle name all the time... It's Frances. We call her Francie, though.

Remember the show Alias? In the show, Sydney's best friend, Francie was body-snatched by the bad guys and because EVIL FRANCIE.

David and I think it's HIlarious to call Avery, Francie when she's being a little stinker. Or just whenever. It just fits.

You crack me up, by the way...

CRAZYMOM said...

I never leave home without my tiara, a bikini top (a.k.a. bra), two necklaces and one bracelet, and a backpack/ purse either! LOL

CRAZYMOM said...

ummm...I gave up my email over 3 years ago....Just kidding. (but seriously. how? why?)

Ok. I fixed it. Actually I thank you because I didn't know it wasn't on there. Email away!