Friday, January 1, 2010

a WILD party

Remember when New Year's Eve consisted of wearing a fabulous dress and partying all night long?
Yeah, I do.
Fast forward to now.
We went over to my sister's house and I changed into her pajamas as soon as we ate dinner.
It took awhile because I had to try on ten different pair until I found some that weren't skin tight on my thighs.
Then we partied it up...with our kids.

We told them to put on their party clothes and this is what they came up with.

Happy New Year!

Lori made dessert.

Porter ate all the olives.

I dominated this game.

The girls played this game.

A new year's kiss.

There was a fireworks show of Pop-Its.

Then we went home and crashed in Mommy & Daddy's bed...

by eleven o'clock.
I told you it was a wild night!

6 witty remarks:

Melinda G said...

Happy New Year, Jill! Looks like you played Apples to Apples. That is a fun game. My husband dominated the game. Maybe it's a Lebanon graduate thing:)

MiMi said...

I wanna get that game! I heard it's fun.
We played Taboo and we totally rocked it!
And we were in bad at 10:30. We are party animals, I tell ya!

Kristen Ann said...

Sounds like a great night to me!! :D Oh and p.s... Not to brag or anything but I would totally beat you at apples to apples. ;) we played on new years too...

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I love that game and I want to eat that dessert.

Jane Anne said...

Oh how fun!! You make me miss my sisters.

jenjen said...

Oh my goodness, we had an almost identical night! We hung out with my sister and her family and played Apples to Apples too. Isn't that the funnest game??

Your desert looks slightly better though. Yummy! Happy 2010 Jill!