Thursday, October 8, 2009

Those Sad Store-Bought Cupcakes

Brooklyn's school does not allow homemade goodies.
This one is hard for me.
How can something from a grocery store bakery be safer for kids than cupcakes made by me with lots and lots of love?
I don't get it.

I cannot bring them to the school looking like this. I mean, come on, it's her 3rd birthday.

My friend, Melinda, is a serious scrapbooker.
She has every scrapbook tool ever made.

How have I survived without these magical tools?

A little of my own love.

11 witty remarks:

Alicia said...

I think they look so cute w/ your decoration!!!!

Jane Anne said...

You are soooo good.

Jessica said...

Those are cute!! We have to bring them in a sealed/unopened container to Jackson's school, at least you could do that to her cupcakes! I get why it's the rule in public schools because some people just don't have the sanitary standards someone like you would have. But it's sad for us moms who wash our hands and don't have things growing in our kitchen. Happy Birthday to your baby!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

For reals? Nothing home made? Not even from-a-box homemade? That's just wrong.

Your sprucing up did make all the difference, by the way. :)

Traci said...

That's awesome Jill they look great!

MiMi said...

Oh, I know about that homemade thing. It's the USDA or govt. that makes them unable to accept homemade stuff. Irritating I know. Guess what? I brought some cupcakes to Kolton's class the other day and they had freaky blue and green frosting. You know what that does to the little people's poop? It's scary. Blue poop! So I had to add a disclaimer for the teacher. :)

Missy said...


I've never heard of a school not allowing homemade goodies.

Those turned out super cute!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Much. better.

jennifer said...

so much better.

it's just wrong that you can't bring homemade goodies to school. just wrong.

at least you cutsied them up. way to go momma.

samantha said...

They look much much BETTER! I was told by a teacher if you get a food handlers lic. you can bake your own goods. A mom from Jaren's class did and said it was really easy to get.

Kristin said...

I just received a note home from my girls' school (they are in Kg and 2nd) that they cannot accept homemade goodies as well. I was really disappointed but the more I thought about it kind of appreciated the rule (albeit still SORELY disappointed) At least we can still do homemade for them at home with friends and family! I love the personal touch you added with the 3s! Great idea!