Sunday, August 23, 2009

Before I Had Kids

1. I would leave work to go home and check on my dog.
2. I didn't have a crate of toys in my bathtub.
3. I would dream of one day being able to say, "go ask your father"
4. I wasn't scared of carnival rides.
5. I was scared of childbirth.

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4 witty remarks:

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

Oh yeah, I used to be scared of child brith too. and the doctors office but now after childbirth, the doctors office ain't no thing. Know what I mean?

mama-face said...

Ah...the crate of son is 8 and we still have them!! I can't stand to think about what's inside them, the water makes them so gross. That's a happy thought for you!

I was totally scared of childbirth. With each child. It always came down to I was so sick of being pregnant I didn't care how that baby got out. ha.

Jane Anne said...

Before I had children, I was not only scared of child birth, I was scared of children. Who know I would one day have four of my own.

Love this post! I may have to do something like this.

Baloney said...

I wasn't scared of childbirth (but should have been!). I like your list! If only "go ask your father" didn't send them right back my way with "he said to ask you."