Monday, July 20, 2009

Porter Says

Porter: "Are you going to be nice and let me have candy?"
Mommy: "You can't just have candy every day."
Porter: "But when you are gone, Daddy let's me have a sucker!"
Mommy: "Candy is not good for you."
Porter: "I really love candy so much!"
Mommy: "I said candy is not good for you."
Porter: "Yes it is! I only like candy! I don't like you!"
Mommy: "I love you."
Porter: "But I don't love you...Can I have lemonade and goldfish?"
Mommy: "Sure."
Porter: "I love you so much, Jill."

4 witty remarks:

gubbygubs said...

He is growing up soooo fast!

Momma to Bug said...

Hello! I found you on J-A-G blog. Your kids are sweet and your posts are funny! Aren't four year olds so hot and cold?!?! I have a four year old girl and another girl on the way.
Have a great day!

Melinda Geneser said...

Carson has started the "I don't like you" stage. So, don't feel bad it's not just Porter that says that. It's usually when he doesn't get his way, too.


Stacia Howard said...

LOL Not cute but totally cute!