Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Think. I'm. Dead.

So my BFF, DeAnn, remember her? She made this cake. Well, a long time ago when her daughter got engaged she asked me if I would wear a cute apron and serve food at her wedding. I said, sure, it sounded fun enough,

I have always wanted to try my hand at waitressing.
Well last night was the wedding. Myself, and two of my other friends, plus two nieces of one of the friends arrived three hours prior to the ceremony to help set up, etc. Two hours prior to the ceremony we realized we were actually there to
MAKE all of the food for the 100+ guests.
We had 10 tri-tip roasts, and about a thousand chicken cordon bleus to make and two ovens to magically make them in-plus whip up some steamed veggies, corn, red potatoes, and salads. Oh can I also mention it was 100 degrees outside and even hotter inside with the stinking ovens? The three grown-ups put our heads together and decided the motto for the day was
"do what we would do if this was our wedding".
We busted our butts, and the adorable nieces ran around doing whatever we told them to. (They had no idea what they had signed up for, but their hard work earned them each a cute Coach bag.) And now they know how to boil potatoes-I taught them. Anyway, we were on our feet for six hours straight, and probably sweat off about 15 pounds.
The dinner was a success.
The guests kept coming up to us with compliments-I think they thought we were real caterers (with our fancy aprons and all). At around 9:30 we all sat down and enjoyed a much deserved piece of DeAnn's gorgeous wedding cake. The woman can really make a cake-too bad I was slaving away and didn't have time to snap a picture.
I really can't believe we pulled it off.

I wonder if I can put this under volunteer work on my resume.

7 witty remarks:

Jessica said...

Wow!! That sounds like quite the night! Did you get a cute Coach bag too? :)

MiMi said...

Yikes! Too much work.
I wanna Coach bag! How gives Coach bags for thank you's? I must get in with this family. :)

MiMi said...

That's "who" not "how." WHO gives Coach bags?? :)

Jane Anne said...

Were there any pictures taken of the servers? You should be proud of yourself. I know the bride really appreciated it. (But, wow- it was really hot on Saturday!)

Angie said...

Hi Jill:

I agree with the other comments. You should be very proud of yourself and your "crew". That's amazing.

gubbygubs said...

WoW! That was a wild day!!! I think we made a pretty cute catering team (sweaty or not)! I have a whole new appreciation for caterers!

Micah and Melinda said...

Wow what a woman! Remind me to ask for your help anytime i am in a pinch! You must be a super hero!