Monday, June 29, 2009

Too Much of Anything is Bad-right?

1. Information-yes usually, and this story will not disappoint. Just so you know, this is officially my most embarrassing moment ever. First go over to Mimi's blog and try not to wet yourself when your read about her recent, shall we say, undertaking.

Saturday I set off for a 2+ hour drive with my Grandma and children (already a totally bad idea). I've always had this sort of anxiety (well, full-on anxiety actually) about being in a car and not having a bathroom extremely close by. I never need to use the bathroom while I'm still at home, the urge only comes upon me the moment there isn't one in sight. So as we're nearing what looks to be the last mini-mart for quite a few miles I decide to run in for a quick potty break. Luckily they have a public restroom, unluckily they don't have a very efficient toilet. Flush #1-nothing goes down. It just swirls around and the water level rises. Hmmm what to do? I could just leave now but what if someone is waiting out there for the bathroom? Flush #2-Oh dear, we have overflow. Oooh please stop, stop, I grab a ton of paper towels, but they are not even close to doing the job, we're going to need a mop! I could still leave now, but I would be ticked if I was the one working here. Ok I'll just suck it up and go tell the owner about the dysfunction in here.
Or I could just walk out...
what to do?
I closed the door and found a very nice looking woman who seemed to be the owner. I explained what just took place and I am not joking, she scolded me for using too much toilet paper. I knew I should have left in the first place. I quickly apologized and walked very quickly to my car.
PS karma got me when about another hour into the drive Brooklyn barfed everywhere.
This is exactly why I prefer to stay home!

2. Things I love. The countdown is on for my blogiversary giveaway and I think too much of things I love are fabulous but I'm going to be giving some of them away to a very lucky winner. I have a couple of ideas for the prizes which may or may not include a scrabble tile necklace made by me, a gift certificate to Trash to Treasure or Starbucks if you're not in OR, and probably something that I've spray painted. Start thinking of your most loving comments to send me because you know that's how you will be entered!

3. Sun. No way, we are loving the weather.

While they are busy doing this-

and this-

I am restyling these items with a lot of spray paint.

I will be showing you the "afters" in another post.
This one has gotten entirely out of control.

7 witty remarks:

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

WoW... how terrible those mini mart bathrooms are always over flowing...
I can't wait to see the after shots!

MiMi said...

That last picture, of the chair? Looks like a chair I saw outside an antique shop downtown this weekend! I seriously though, "Oh, I bet Jill could do something with that!"
And the mini mart bathroom? I would've seen it rising and ran as fast as my short fat legs would take me. : )

samantha said...

Oh Jill, only you!. Love the wooden crate holding the bath towels. Can I say I see the future Miss America in Brookie, all she needs is a little flag waving in her hand or something. Lovin it

Jane Anne said...!! Great story telling on the most embarrassing story. I could imagine your panic. I was laughing AND cringing at the same time.

So, if I butter you up a bunch, I might win a scrabble necklace and a Starbucks card?! I'm in.

Seth said...

Jill- I am SURE it wasn't the over use of toilet paper that clogged up the toilet. It must have been the mega-burrito you ate the day before from Taco Time :)

Anonymous said...

How disgusting! It takes guts to post this!!

One Love, Two Hearts said...

Hello!! Jillian! Have you gone down to my aunts antique store. She sells peoples home made stuff too. You should go take a look!