Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Party in the Garden

Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land
is having a garden par-tay!
I started stalking her about a year ago,
so I feel like we've really bonded.

Of course I had to show off my fantabulous patio chair!

AN UPDATE ON THE CHAIR: It is now for looks only since someone who will remain nameless (my uncle John) sat in it and sort of bent it all the way to the ground. Nate got it back upright again but we're kind of afraid to let anyone we like try it out again.

3 witty remarks:

Angie said...

Cute chair and pillow! Sorry it got messed up!

Rachel said...

Love the chair and that pillow rocks, hopefully the chair will make a full recovery soon.

;)rachel b.

samantha said...

Just thinking, doesn't Fitz have a lot of issues with patio furniture? Gotta love that man =)