Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Seriously Could Have Bought Everything

But I restrained myself.
This is what I came home with-at least for today.
The show continues for another week!
I figure if I sell everything I took, I'll break even.

This apparently is called a telephone I guess when phones used to be connected to the wall you could sit here when you got tired of standing. I have a different use in mind and I looooove it especially the toile cushion-you know that's what really sold me.

I also found some ca-ute red wood frames, a wooden box that was screaming my name, a really fun pincushion, a metal basket for Brooklyn's room and a little shabby chic fabric pennant that was just too cute to pass up.

This sign is my mother's day gift to myself.
Isn't it the truth???

6 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

I love everything! Can't wait to see where you put the phone table in your house. Hope you sell everything!!!! Samantha

Anonymous said...

I live in Oregon-Where is this sale?? I need to know!! Great stuff (treasures). Shirlene

Jessica said...

I so wanted everything!! I'm trying to be good, I've went shopping a lot lately! :) I got one of those little glass covered cake pedestal plates with a little nest and bird inside. The nest comes out so I can use it for anything. I also got this adorable little pillow... I almost bought those red frames... You got some great stuff.. M is for Maid around my house! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the telephone table!! Too cute! Hope you sale a lot!

Ryan & Lindsey said...

Hey Jill!
Looks like you got some really neat treasures! Thanks for talking my mom into buying the rocking chair! I love it! It's the first baby furniture purchase!!

Anonymous said...

I love the table. I didn't even see it there. Did you get home o.k?I had lots of fun when I got home playing with all my new stuff. You must let me know the next time they have another sale going on. I'll go with you again! LOL