Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Wanted To Know

These are questions that I have been asked and I thought I would share the answers with everyone in case you were also wondering. (and I'm sure you were)
1. Who does your hair?
My fab sister-in-law, Ellen
2. How long has your husband been laid off and how do you make ends meet?
He has been laid off since October!! And is finally going back on the 13th-hallelujah!
As for money I dabble in working, we get unemployment of course, and we rent out the house we used to live in. It's doable but stressful-especially without medical insurance.
3. What kind of skin care do you use?
I have used the basic Mary Kay line since I was 12 years old.
4. Where do you work that you only have to go in on Wednesdays?
I work in an oral surgery office that I've been with for 8 years. I worked full time after Porter was born and then tried to quit once Brooklyn came. They talked me into once a week, and really I feel like it's my day off from home. All my friends are there too.
Fun Fact: on the day Porter was born, my water broke while I was at work. The office is right next door to the hospital so I just walked there.
5. Who do you think will win DWTS?
Melissa for sure
6. Why did you become anti birth control?
After Brooklyn I got an IUD and developed the rarest of all side effects PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). It was the first case my doctor had ever seen and it was seriously not fun. There was so much talk about blood clots at that time with the "ring" and the "patch" that I just decided I was done with it all. We've always said we wanted three kids so when it happens, it happens. Then I will get fixed permanently.
7. What kind of dog is Mac?
He used to be a Jack Russell Terrier, but somewhere along the line he was changed to a Parson's Terrier. He is also the grandson of the original Wishbone.
8. What kind of spray paint do you use?
Whatever is the cheapest at WalMart.
9. How do you have time for all your crafting, decorating, blogging, etc.?
My laundry piles are out of control and my kids are neglected.
Just kidding-well about the neglected kids. You will never see a picture of my laundry room! My perfect children take 3 hour naps each day so sometimes I choose to nap along with them and sometimes I work on my projects. Also remember I have a husband that is always home. My favorite time to work on things is when everyone is in bed at night.

4 witty remarks:

Jane Anne said...

This was so fun to read! You covered everything I wanted to know (and so much more). Now, the only thing I am wondering is how you got the cool signature at the bottom of your post. Is it a picture image at the bottom of your post or is it some functionality of blogger that I don't know about? I guess I will have to email you about that.

Greg and Heidi said...

I don't know how you can sleep with only that much room in your bed!!!

Gordostyle said...

It was great reading this post! Better to get to know ya! :o)

Glad your hubby is going back to work! That's GREAT news! AWESOME! My hubby just got his insurance license after being laid off on December 2nd... and then having 3 written job offers fall through! How does that happen? Is that bad luck or what?! Anyway... he's super excited for a new adventure. I hope it's the right one!

Good luck to you guys!!!!!


* TONYA * said...

Love no.9.

My laundry piles up too. Sometimes we do that deliberately though so we can see whether or not it will touch the ceiling before the laundry basket breaks. A week ago we got to 1 foot away, then the basket broke and now it's tied together with ribbons :)

I'm so jealous that your kids nap. Mine gave up on naps 6 months ago. They also don't go to bed until b/w 9-10pm and wake up anytime b/w 6-9am.