Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Window ReVamped

My new pretend BFF just wrote a new post about her great drapery tricks. Obviously I immediately copied her ideas. (flattery or semi-stalking??? something to think about...)
Anyway Brooklyn's current window treatments left a lot to be desired
(green on green).

I found these ring clip things at Goodwill and knew they would come in handy.
Unfortunately I only had one panel of the cute plaid and it wouldn't stretch across the whole window so I just put the old curtains back up on the sides.

I totally did exactly what Sarah said to do about clipping it not at the top but a ways down. The plaid panel was waaaay too long for the window.

I think it's pretty FAB!
I pick the coolest friends!


I'm working on more of her ideas on Porter's window right now.
Pics will soon follow!

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casfam4 said...

Your hilarious! Thought you'd be happy to know you are my new BFF and Im semi stalking you too. Just cause you say the cutest stuff and your kiddos are cute too! : ) have a good day. *Misty*