Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garage Sales & "Glubs"

This morning Brooklyn wanted to wear her "glubs" to church.
She is so much like her great-grandma Blanche.

My mom & I totally scored on Saturday.

All of this for under $25!!!
a solid wood bookshelf, rocking chair, planter, wreath, 3 feather birdsnests (my favorite find), a little side table, 2! Ikea easels, dresser, wall shelf, super cute wedges & a green purse. Under $25, people, can you believe it?

2 witty remarks:

mom2maya said...

I think you want me to buy the plant stand from you. I really, really do. Don't you??

Jessica said...

Great loot!! I almost went out this weekend and then I forgot...maybe next weekend!