Friday, April 3, 2009

Flashback Friday

Easter Eggs!

Just wondering: why is Lori wearing regular clothing and I have on some sort of extra large baby sleeper? (with cabbage patch kids on it no less).

PS my mother was obsessed with making me have curly hair. I was forced to sleep in those things, usually with underwear on my head to cover. I must have taken them off for the picture.

Happy Easter!

2 witty remarks:

mom2maya said...

I love Flashback Fridays!

3busybs said...

Hi! I have been trying to get out to Sweet Home and check out the store where you sell your stuff but havent made it there. =( Do you sell on ETSY? Or are you coming to Corvallis anytime soon, or maybe I can mail you payment and you can send the goods? (oh yeah, I am the lady that must have the minnie mouse pendant and a coffee cozy for my dutch bros.)

Cant wait to hear from you!

I will be scrapping all tonight and all day tomorrow for NSD. I will check in on Sunday!