Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Usual Thing

So this actually happened awhile back, but things exactly like this always seem to happen to me. First I will have a totally random memory. Example: When I was in the 6th or maybe 7th grade our school put on some pretty cool plays. The play director was Miss Needham, but then she got married and was Mrs. McMorris, but we still called her Miss Needham because we couldn't really wrap our heads around a teacher getting married. Plus she married this guy that looked exactly like Waldo, the guy that hides in those books, but that is neither here nor there. Well we would have play practice after school and I remember once for my snack I brought a package of Top Ramen. I just sprinkled the packet of seasoning on the uncooked noodle square and took bites. It was pretty delish. So I was thinking about that one day, probably while I was polishing my silver or giving the kids a bath.
Then I will see the person soon after the memory. Example: The very next day I saw Miss Needham/Mrs. McMorris at Famous Shoes-and get this, she has two kids that are like high schoolers. If she had not been talking on her phone I totally was going to tell her who I was (I'm sure she would remember me because I was one of those memorable kids), and that I had a random memory about Top Ramen, and ask her if she was still married to Waldo, but then I felt really old and freakish.
So basically I think my point is that I have this special power to think about someone I haven't seen in a million years and then bam! I see them.
Do you think I should call Sylvia Brown about this?

3 witty remarks:

Jane Anne said...

I think you should think about me in Disneyland. Will that work? Does that mean a vacation there will be in my future?

David and Amy Sheldon said...

It should be noted that Miss Needham was the crazy lady that threw a chair at play practice because she was sooo mad!!

The poppers sister Bet, from the Prince and the Popper, and Sleeping Beauty

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

I read the book "The Secret" and they say you can totally do this! The power of your mind... it's kinda mumbo jumbo but when I think to myself "I always get good parking spots" one in the front row of Target opens up. Of course when I think "I always get free coffee at Starbucks" it doesnt work :(