Monday, March 23, 2009

This, That & The Other Thing

So I have a new BFF...she just doesn't know it yet. I still have to stalk the rest of her blog but I'm already in love with it. Go look at it here.
Anyway she threw a party in honor of me (well maybe not just for me, but for the spray paint lovers like me). I love it! Lots of spray painting ideas all that is a PARTY!

I found this lovely lady at Goodies and all I did was staple some fabric where the glass should be. I even left all the dirt on it because that's the look I like. I also really love the 1970's little handle. So. Cute.

Now- I need your honest opinion on these. I've been seeing these cute clipboards on Etsy and I thought they would be a fun thing to make for "the store". Plus I had like a million plain clipboards lying around.
Would you buy them???
I really loved the paper when I bought it but now I'm not so sure. I just really don't know if they would be a hit. The big one also needs some ribbon, but you get the idea.

A looooong time ago I asked for some help from Rhonda regarding this beauty.
I never really took off with any of the ideas, but I appreciated the efforts. Well, I was always keeping this idea from Wendy at the Shabby Nest in the back of my mind and then last night I found the burlappy ribbon at Wally's
PS I just threw some fake moss in the planter until I get some real flowers going.
That's all for now, kids.

2 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

I would totally buy those clip boards! They're cute! And I stalk all the crafty blogs... : )

Anonymous said...

The clip boards are a GREAT idea!! I would buy them!! How about an orange and black one???