Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Musical Beds

So much for my "Hallelujah" moment.

Last night 10:00 PM
Mommy in her bed.
Daddy in a toddler bed in the living room watching TV. (He "hasn't had time" to move it out to the garage.)
Porter in his new bed.
Brooklyn in her bed.

11:00 PM
Mommy & Daddy in their bed.
Porter in his bed.
Brooklyn in her bed.

1:00 AM
Porter in Mommy & Daddy's bed.

2:00 AM
Porter back in his bed.
Brooklyn in Mommy & Daddy's bed

3:00 AM
Brooklyn back in her bed.
Mommy in Porter's bed.

3:30 AM
Mommy, Daddy & Brooklyn in one bed.

4:00 AM
Mommy, Daddy, Porter & Brooklyn in one bed.
Mommy awake.

6:00 AM
Mommy has to get up for work.

2 witty remarks:

Divan Beds said...

How cuuuute .lovely pics....thanks for sharing these pics of your family with us..

The Downs family said...

wow, that sounds miserable! :-( Hope you get some more rest!!!