Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's Homework

Today the preschool crowd was checking out exactly how big a T-rex's footprint is.
Porter's homework was to see how many Porter-sized footprints could fit into just one.
If you look closely you will see that we probably could have fit in about 10 more, but the new, non-OCD mommy just let Porter step wherever he wanted and we drew the footprint there.

1 T-Rex footprint=38 Porter footprints

4 witty remarks:

Cherry's Jubilee said...

What a cutie..!!!!!!! I came across a florist frog for you...this lady will be selling http://shabbyinthecity.blogspot.com/

Jane Anne said...

Seriously, I would think you would have him in some Dinosaur PJs! Come on... :)

* TONYA * said...

What a cool project

Jessica said...

I know it JA, my first thought was, "What's that kid doing in doggy jammies"?? You know we are kidding with you Jill!!