Friday, January 9, 2009

I Hate It When

1. I'm trying to stay on the wagon and my boss brings in cinnamon rolls with frosting and then takes us out to lunch.
2. people write ARE when then really mean OUR.
3. I'm having a really cute day and I see nobody in public, but then when I'm wearing no makeup, a velour sweat suit, and Nate's hat I see tons of people I know in WalMart.

2 witty remarks:

adrienne said...

Jill, you are the best blogger! Some of my friends even read your blog because they love your witty humor;) We miss you guys!

The Fun Fair said...

Jill, I check your blog every morning! You inspired me to start a blog...and then I realized I will never be as funny and cute as you are! I've resorted to just reading yours everyday! Keep 'em coming! I love, love, love it!