Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wreath Project

I've got some ideas...

One of the blogs that I stalk to the right hung wreaths on windows and mirrors. I fashioned this little cutie out of a strand of berries and hung it on the window behind my couch.

I whipped out my gluegun and glued some pinecones to it.

Then the finishing touch. I saw some ornaments like these at JoAnn's and made my own that of course were way cuter because a bird is always cuter with some toile-duh.

Front and back and stuffed to be like little pillows.
Why do boys not understand that birds don't always have beaks?

5 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

I want to take crafting lessons from you. Those are SOOOOO cute!!

Anonymous said...

Really cute!! You're so creative!

Laura B. said...

Very cute!

jenjen said...

What a wonderful project. I love that little bird. I am kind of obsessed with birds. Thanks for the great idea!


Tamara Jansen said...

This looks lovey :)