Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hate it when

my camera doesn't capture how stinking cute something really is!
These are my take on the fun alphabet block ornaments. I've decided to hang mine by the metal doohickies that you hang ornaments with. Also the cutest part is the sanded edge of the scrapbook paper that I totally pefected and you can't even tell in the pictures-urggg. Some of the blocks had cute pictures (like a butterfly) so I didn't cover those-just thought you'd wanna know.

Even though it's not really that "Christmas-y", a black ribbon really does it for me.

a B for my baby girl Blanche

The plaid is really super cute in real life.

J for my neighbor's kid & P for the Porterboy

I also did some with numbers (not pictured because they weren't quite done) a 3 and 4 for my neice and nephew's ages.
Ok, so I'm in love with these and I think a lot of people are going to have them attached to their gifts...The End.
PS my biggest help in making these little presents was my little Pampered Chef cutting board...ok I did not know these came in colors (mine is white) so I'm going to be finding a consultant somewhere to hook me up...anyway I've always used it for cutting food, but it is now my official crafting cutting board-it works fantastic with an exacto knife-love it!

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Anonymous said...

Was worth the wait to see the final project! I am so doing those this year for family.
Thanks Jill for all your great ideas!!!

Jessica said...

those are adorable! I know, don't you just love the pampered chef cutting board? That little thing comes in handy!

i took me forever to get okay pictures of my cards. i finally would set up two pieces of card stock for the backdrop (one on the bottom and one on the top). Then I would turn off my flash and use the "natural" light that I got free when buying my sewing machine. worked so much better.

Kasey Hunt said...

I love this idea. So clever. Good job. I'll have to make these next year for gifts.

Laura B. said...

I absolutely LOVE these. Love these!!

jenjen said...

Those are so cute. Wonderful! Thanks for letting me stop by!