Monday, October 6, 2008

How Brooklyn Came To Be

It is hard to believe that my beautiful baby girl is turning 2 on Thursday. I've been thinking back on her joyous arrival. One day while I was in a sleep deprived, crazy new mommy state, after putting my 7 month old down for bed, I mentioned to Nate that it would be really cool to have one baby born in 2005 and another one born in 2006. Oh yes, he thought this was definitely a good idea. It was January and we decided if it didn't happen by February we would forget it because we didn't really want a November or December baby (we became picky the second time around). It took a million years to get preggo with Porter so we were just kind of having fun with the idea. But then on Valentines day that little test was positive. My due date was October 29th so we were expecting a Halloween baby but she decided (with the help of Neva the expert reflexologist and the stadium stairs at the high school) to grace us with her presence on October 9, 2006. She was named Brooklyn Blanche by her Godmother, Aunt Lo-Lo, before we even knew she was a girl.

They really are worth the excruciating pain and getting your girl parts blown out.

Just perfect in every way.

She was already eyeballing him.

All I have to say is 1-7-0!

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Jane Anne said...

LOOK at you!! You are so cute prego! Sweet post. Happy Early Birthday to Brooklyn.