Friday, September 5, 2008

Survey Says

1. Your dream vacation?
my bed-alone

2. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
pay off both houses and put the rest in savings

3. Name one thing about your signifigant other.
he has bad athlete's foot

4. What is your biggest pet peave?
when they randomly change actors for a character on a soap opera

5. Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers?
only Mr. Young

6. What's one thing your Mom might know about you?
my monthly cycle

7. Are you a regular flosser?
yes, i work in oral surgery, i see what can happen

8. Would you flirt with a cop to get out if a ticket?

9. Does your signifigant other know everything you spend money on?
not if i get to the mailbox before him

10. Would you spend over $100 on a pair of jeans?
not for me, but for brooklyn i would

11. What's your favorite blizzard?

12. When you over eat do you do it in public or when no one is watching?
after everyone is asleep, then it doesn't count

13. Do you lick the top of your yogurt lid?
yes, do other people too?

14. Do your animals sleep with you?
he got kicked out when we had kids

15. Do you sleep naked?
i'm too afraid i'll have to run outside if there is a fire

16. Have a you ever lied about something important?
no, wait i'm lying now

17. What do you think is a serious character flaw?

18. What do you expect out of your good friends?
to listen to me vent

19. Do you let your kids get away with stuff you kow you shouldn't?

20. What's something you get away with?

21. Have you ever had a bad haircut or color?
they weren't bad at the time

22. Do you fold you laundry warm, and right out of the dryer?
the clean laundry and i have our issues

23. If I randomly stopped by would your house be clean?
yes, and don't stop by without calling

24. Have you ever shoplifted?

25. Do you mind getting older?
i'm getting better with age

26. Do you look like your Mom or your Dad?
i'm told i look like my dad

27. If one of your friends had to have chemo and lost their hair, would you shave your head in sympathy?
no, sorry, i would cook for them though

28. Is your UPS man/woman HOT?
um no and he's gay anyway

29. What is your style-do you wait for a guy/girl to ask you out, or do you ask them out?
i don't usually ask people out

30. Truth or dare?
truth always

31. What are you secretly good at?
noticing details

32. One close friend or lots of good friends?

33. White or wheat?

34. Do you upload all your pictures onto myspace or do keep some to yourself?
i only upload the really cute ones

35. Would you share your toothbrush?
that is seriously disgusting

36. Are you mad when someone eats your good restautrant leftovers?
they wouldn't dare

37. Would you be a foster parent?
maybe when my kids are grown

38. Are you a trusting person?
for the most part

39. What do you do when you are home alone?
read magazines

40. How many times a day do you change your underwear?
um once, well unless i have an accident

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Jane Anne said...

This was fun to read! I may have to steal the questions for my blog.