Friday, September 12, 2008

Just Wondering

1. Why do my kids grab my boobs in front of other people?
2. Why is my "muffin top" more like a bundt cake?
3. Why are there more things to do than enough time for them in the day?
4. Why when I hug my husband does he think I want it to lead to more?
5. Why does my dog need to pee 3 seconds after I just let him in from outside?
Okay, I actually know the answer to #2.

3 witty remarks:

Seth said...

1. Because they're kids, and boobs are fun.
3. To give you something to look forward to tomorrow.
4. You DON'T want it to lead to more?!?!?
5. to torture you. its a conspiracy. the dog was trained by your husband.

Jane Anne said...

Jill - Seth
Seth - Jill

Now you have met. Can't wait to introduce you in person!!

Jessica said...

LOL! A man's point of view! I've been stumped by a lot of these too, especially #4.