Saturday, August 16, 2008

aaaarrrgghhh (I don't know how to spell it)

So I almost had a full blown panic attack. I went out to get the mail and Porter locked the screen on me, which he does all the time but then I tell him to unlock it and he does and laughs and that's the end of it. But this time he also shuts the door which has a child safety thing on it, so I can't open the screen and he can't open the door from the inside, so I am really locked out. My first idea was to go to my neighbor's house to see if he had any tools to pry open the screen (we're getting a new one anyway), but he wasn't home. My next idea was to go around to the back and see if the sliding door was unlocked (no such luck). I got Porter to pull three different chairs up to the window to try to reach the lock (no luck there either plus now I'm scared that he'll fall off the chair and I won't be able to help him). I can also see that Brooklyn found her way up to the table and was helping herself to a bowl of grapes (which I always quarter for her, but she was eating whole ones and I'm just praying she doesn't choke). We then proceeded to go around to every window that I had any chance of fitting through to see if he could unlock any. He's crying at this point because he's scared and he knows he's getting the wrath of Mama if I can ever get back in. Finally, with a lot of coaching, he unlocked the front window and I climbed through. Later on that night he hugged my leg and said, "Mommy, I not lock you out anymore."

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The Georges said...

Funny this same thing has happened to us!!! I had to kick in my door that goes out to garage when I was like 7 months prego!! I was home alone and Hayden was inside the house panicking that I was out and I couldn't get him to unlock the door. Then he locked Ryan outside once too. Sneaky little boys!!

Jane Anne said...

OH my goodness! What a story!! What DID you say to him when you got back in? I can imagine a sweet little boy voice saying "I not lock you out anymore."

Anonymous said...

Did you tell him "there will be consequences?!" I can't help but smile. I love your blog!