Monday, January 8, 2018

Overheard in the Barnes Yard

Gus at dinner (in undies, of course): "Hey Alexa, what time is it in China?"
Alexa: "It is 9:46 AM on Tuesday in Bejing."
Gus: (fist pumps) "Yes!"

Monday, March 21, 2016

August turned 5

 Not sure how to prevent it, and my Gus man keeps getting older!  He's FIVE!  We partied like super heroes obviously:

 My friend made these fondant toppers for the cupcakes and they were too cute. 

Five year old wish!

 He'll always be our lucky baby!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday, my favorite day!

It really is!
Monday is the day that everything resets. 
Nate goes back to work. 
The kids go back to school.
My house gets organized-a little. 
It's like a restart for my brain.

This Monday was especially fabulous because:

 Green drinks are two bucks at my favorite coffee shop.  I'm sipping a green tea smoothie.
AND my first Birchbox came in the mail!  

Told you Mondays were awesome!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

My first ever Moms Weekend

I've been invited before, but I've never allowed myself to go.
A. I would miss my kiddos too much.  
B. There is no way my household could run without me at the wheel. 

Last weekend I went.  
I missed my kids, but guess what, they survived.  

After reflecting, I came to a few realizations: 

1.  I have some serious control issues.  I guess I've always known this, but this was the first time someone has pointed it out to me and I really acknowledged it.  

2.  My husband is 35 years old and perfectly competent in being responsible for our kids.  Even though our parenting styles are different, we care about our kids' well being the exact same amount.  

3.  Out of all of these girls' kids, my children have the least amount of household responsibilities.  It finally hit me that I have a 10 and 9 year old that are totally capable of unloading a dishwasher or putting away their own clean clothing. 

4.  I so needed the two days of mental relaxation.  Ten years of "Mom do this!"  "Mom do that!"  Mom right now!"  adds up.

5.  Moms need time to be silly and act like the girls they used to be before they were moms.  We covered all topics: kids, in-laws, sex, religion, poop.  All while wearing sweats and drinking champagne.  

I feel rejuvenated.  I love these girls (most live in my neighborhood!) and they each have something to teach the others.  There's no way I'll wait another ten years to do this again!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Letters to random people

Dear Sundown Naturals, 
You know how your box of sublingual B Complex vitamins says "Great Tasting"?  
Turns out, not true. 
Love, Jill

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for using all of my Raspberry Rain Skintimate shaving cream so that I was forced to use your stinky Barbisol.
Love you,
PS I used your razor.

Dear Candy Crush, 
There's no need to tell me I only had one jelly left. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

a few of my favorite things

right now: 

 This is the day cream I'm using.  I love the way it smells and love the way it feels.
 Also this face wash.  I'm actually loving this whole line, these are just my two favorites.  Now that I'm 36 (eek middle aged) I'm on a real regimen for the first time since high school.  I've always been a big fan of Mary Kay. 
 I want to take a bath in this perfume!  It came in my friend's Birchbox and she gave it to me.  It also sold me on Birchbox.  I signed up today.
I've been off the dairy wagon for awhile now and this tastes yummy in my coffee. 
These. Shoes.  
Amazon sent them to me today and they are cute!

Friday, February 19, 2016


"I'm disappointed that you smell like B.O. and don't care!"

"Yeah, but half of you was made from your dad and I can't help that."  

"You know what, fine, wear the batman jammies to the birthday party.  I'm too tired to argue with you." 

"Why do you guys only have something important to tell me when I'm on the phone or the toilet?!"