Friday, November 25, 2011

rd and the makings of a turkey shirt

1.  Men discuss their vasectomy stories the same way women discuss their birth stories.  (Wusses.) 
2.  Somehow a male armpit hair ended up in my Dove pomegranate deodorant.  (I guess I'm not the only one that thinks it smells lovely.)
3.  I love it when I'm searching in the way back of my refrigerator for something and I find a Frappuccino, however I do not love it when I find a very furry, bluish-greenish thing that used to be an onion-I think.  
4.  After listening to the song lyrics, "I never met a Toby that I didn't like", I started thinking about how I've only ever known one human Toby and one dog Toby.  I liked them both alright.  
5.  The Gus Man loves mashed potatoes.  (Just like his Mama.)
6.  The best black Friday shopping is sitting in my jammies while the UPS man brings presents to my door!

Thursday morning, while I was up early making:
I decided to go ahead and make Gus a festive shirt for the day!
If you would like to know exactly how I made it, here are the directions:
*Don't forget to make a beak and gobbler thingy too.
 *Yes, really.  Glue them on with Aleene's glue.  
I have done this twice now and it holds up in the washing machine.  I'm not messing with those rolls of iron-on stuff anymore. 
Then find a REALLY cute little butterball to wear it:
"gobble gobble!"

3 witty remarks:

Meredith said...

Adorable shirt and butterball! One of these days I am going to teach myself how to sew.

Tiffany said...

Okay, Gus is a doll and that shirt is awesome! I totally made one for Avery & Mia but they aren't as cute as yours! : ) Love it.

Melinda G. said...

Awesome!You've inspired me to try this:)