Thursday, July 7, 2011


He did it!
He wiggled it, 
and jiggled it 
until it was barely hanging on and turning a slightly bluish-gray color, 
and then fiiinally he let Daddy pull it out in return for a remote control car and boat. 
I thought that tooth was going to hang on forever so I was completely not prepared the evening it came out.  I had to whip up a pillow right before bedtime.  
I had found a Tooth Fairy pillow that I loved on Etsy and then realized I could make the same one (and personalize it) for about $20 less.  I'm going to make Brooklyn and August their own to match and I won't be scrambling at the last minute again.  (Yes, I realize August has yet to grow any actual teeth.)
Porter was so excited to put his tooth in the little pocket when he went to bed.  
Then I couldn't remember if the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth or leaves it in the pocket with the money.  (Takes it.)  I still need to peruse Etsy to find something cute to keep the teeth in as to not get them mixed up with the others kids'.  (The horror.) 
I did, however, remember this very cute idea that someone told me about before I had kids.
The Tooth Fairy leaves glitter when she lands on the windowsill!
Nate and I had to consult Facebook when we discovered we had no idea what the going rate was for teeth these days.  Some people said no less than $5 for the first tooth, some said $1, some said whatever the Tooth Fairy could find in her purse that day.  
When Porter woke up in the morning he found 2 dollars, 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 2 nickles, and two pennies in the pocket.  Of course Nate has to repay on the bribe too!

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TLF said...

Oh, I bet he was so excited!! My 4 year old tells me all the time that he has a loose tooth.. not quite yet. But he can't wait!